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Managing a Business Continuity Plan is a real challenge for the company. This management requires the establishment of a specific organization sufficiently involved in the business, technical and organizational projects of the company to guide these projects and anticipate their impact on the plan put in place.

The number and interweaving of the documents necessary for the implementation of a BCP makes a specific tooling indispensable. The WebPCA solution offered by BCP-Expert is a pragmatic solution, adaptable to your company and low cost of appropriation.

BCP-Expert offers the new release 3.9 of its WebPCA BCP management solution. This new release is optimized for use on tablets and smartphones and offers new features:

- multilingual version French, English, Spanish

- assistance with the assignment of tasks

- complementary functions for controlling BCP documentation updates


WebPCA 3.9 allows even finer definition of business recovery plans, from recovery in degraded mode until returning to a normal situation.

This release also allows for a more precise definition of resources needed for the resumption of activities (fallback positions, telecommuting, applications, equipment, expertise, etc.) and also brings new functions of assisting with the assignment of people and the planning of operations during tests or in crisis.

Many customizable reports are also generated automatically: crisis directory, procedures, roadmaps, dashboards on the state of the BCP, risk repository, etc.



Features of WebPCA v3.9 :

  • Activity Management
    • Activities mapping
    • Degraded mode and return
    • Continuity needs
    • Needs for fall back
    • Business recovery plans
  • Resource Management
    • Classification
    • Recovery objectives
    • Means of circumvention
  • Entity Management
    • organizations
    • actors
    • crisis directory
  • Risk Management
    • risk definition
    • analysis
    • classification
    • recovery strategy
  • Plan Management
    • business continuity plan
    • recovery procedures
    • assignments, planning
    • piloting recovery operations
    • incident management
  • Test Management
    • test plan,
    • tests definition
    • tracking, ratings
    • test report
  • Documentation Management
    • submission, ranking
    • validation, publication
    • report generation
    • check for updates
  • Information
    • targeted information
    • Notification

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"Discovery" area of WebPCA

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The WebPCA solution is a complete information system for Business Continuity Management

Several types of WebPCA installation are possible: portable version on USB key, local version on workstation, intranet version internal or hosted.

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